Athens walking city tour

Athens city tour & Plaka

Half Day Athens Private Walking tour 


Private morning Athens walking tour . 4 hours duration


You will be picked up from Hotel in Athens Center by our professional licensed guide in the morning ( between 08:30-09:30am ) according to your preference .

The guide will escort you up to the Acropolis ( the Parthenon ) on foot , or by partially using the newly built METRO station on Syntagma square where all the findings of the excavations are being exhibited.You will get off at the ACROPOLIS station ( where there is also an exhibition ). This way you will not be too tired from the walk uphill and save time.On the Acropolis,you visit the architectural masterpieces of the GOLDEN age of Athens and " the harmony between material and spirit " the monument that " puts an order in the mind ", the Parthenon.After your guided tour on the Acropolis and the Parthenon, you will descend to Plaka ( the old city )where you can walk in the old city's narrow picturesque streets with all the nice little traditional coffee sweet-shop and taverns on the pedestrian streets. There are a few galleries and there are several museums in Plaka ( the children's Museum, the Music Museum, the Greek folk Art Museum and the Jewish Museum . It is full of street musicians,flower sellers,photographers,and people who sell beads or write your name on a grain of rice. You will have time to shop and have lunch in the local taverns.

The guide can escort you back to your hotel or leave you to have fun in Plaka, as well as give you instructions for your own way back to your hotel.

Optional: You can visit the impressive Acropolis museum with the findings of the Archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens.The museum was built to house every artifact found on the rock and on its feet,from the Greek bronze age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. 




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  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Destination: Acropolis & Plaka area
  • Departures: Any day of the week
  • Book:
  • English: Any day of the week
  • English & French: Any day of the week
  • English & Italian: No Italian guiding
  • Exceptions: None

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