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Island Hopping

Check our Island Hopping Packages and ask for different variations!

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Classical Coach Tours

Join one of our Coach Tours that visit most archeological sites in Greece Mainland.

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Cruises - Yachts

Join one of Ships / Yachts / Catamarans Cruises around Greek Islands !

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Rent a Car

Rent a Car in Athens / Greece Mainland and most of the Islands Ports/Airports.








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Everyone wants to travel the world but with so many places to visit where do you start?
Take a look at our Top 10 Places To Visit.






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We at COURMOUZIS TRAVEL believe that travelers today are more sophisticated and increasingly demand “good value for money.” With our 42 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we guarantee HIGH QUALITY at an EXCELLENT VALUE. Our creativity, knowledge and experience mean no challenge is too great, regardless of how unusual the request might be. Customization and flexibility are our forte, and reflect our mission to offer the highest level of personal service and attention to detail to make YOUR trip one that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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