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Peloponnese Fly & Drive Tour 


Fly and Self Drive Yourself itinerary to Peloponnese and Delphi


Day 1 :
- Arrive in Athens, meet and greet by our English speaking driver and transfer to your hotel.

From the antiquity of the Parthenon, to the chic shopping of Kolonaki, Greece's capital is a treasure trove for tourists. Explore Athens and visit many of the its principal modern and classical sites. See the striking contrast of the modern city to the remains of the glorious past and discover the wonderful culture that made the city a center for the arts, learning and philosophy.

Depending on your arrival time, we can arrange a sightseeing tour with our driver on a panoramic ride ino rder to see the city's hghlights or visit the important sites in Athens on your own or we can we can arrange a professional English speaking guide to meet you at your hotel. Overnight in Athens.

Overnight in Athens.( 1st overnight ) Hotel Jason Inn

Day 2 :
- After your breakfast, the car will be delivered at your hotel to start your journey to Argolis. Drive to the newly constructed road of “Attiki Odos (Attica Road)” which leads you to the Corinth-canal, after just one hour drive. Make your first stop at the river bank – at Istmia – and study the old bridge, which sinks into the bottom of the canal, every time a ship is crossing…

The 6 km. long canal, which was consecrated in 1893, makes the journey between Patras and Athens 200 nautical miles shorter and the seafarers save a daytrip round Peloponnese, going through the canal. Continue through Argos, the most beautiful and fertile part of Peloponnese, through valleys full of fruit orchards and the known and acknowledged wine district Nemea. Last, but not least, some of the biggest cultural treasures are located in Argos: the Royal Tombs and the “Lions Gate” at Mycenae and the ancient theatre in Epidaurus with the cult of Asklepios with the holly snake, which symbolizes the art and practice of medicine.

It’s in the middle of this nature- and cultural richness that Nafplion is placed. The city was the former capital of Greece, and is one of the prettiest cities in Europe. Small, but with a tremendous charm, you find the old part of town leaning up against the Akronafplio-hill with the impressive Venetian castle Palamidi on the top.

Life here can be enjoyed in full. Either by walking in the small and narrow streets between the neo-classical houses with the finest architectonic details, or sitting at one of the many cafes or restaurants along the harbour, enjoying the sea and the landmark of the city: the Burtzi, the little island with the famous fortress. Right behind the city you can find a fine small beach. If you wish to visit a bigger beach area, you can find this in Tolo, just 12 km. from Nafplion.

Total Athens - Nafplion distance is 149,00 km

Overnight in Nafplion ( 2nd overnight )Hotel Victoria

Day 3 :
- After breakfast, depart for Sparta(Mystras). The journey continues south via Tripoli to the mountain village of Sparti. From here you can visit the unique Byzantine state of Mystras. Mystras occupies a steep foothill on the northern slopes of Mount Taygetos, 5 km. from Sparti. The castle on the top of the hill was founded in 1249 by the Frankish leader William II de Villeharduin. The whole area of Mystras is an open-air museum. A reminder of a glorious era of power and culture. Many of the small churches are still in function today.

Nafplion - Sparti distance is 125,00 km

Overnight in Sparti ( 3rd overnight ) Hotel Dioscouri

Day 4 :
- After breakfast depart for Kalamata . From Sparti you head to the beautiful fishing village of Gythion. We strongly recommend that you make a stop here and enjoy a plate of Kalamares in one of the countless “Ouzeri’es” along the harbour. The trip continues and after one hour via Areopolis, you reach the known ”Diros Caves”, which were discovered in 1895. Some people insist that they stretch all the way to Sparti. When you enter the caves you will walk down a stairway to an underground lake where there are boats waiting. You are given a life-vest and then each boat gets a guide who uses poles to journey through the caverns and tunnels, which are eerily lit and adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, many with interesting names.

After a visit here, you continue through the bare and rocky landscape of Mani. The population in this area has through the time been known for their desire of liberty. Until the War of Liberation was won, the Maniots were constantly in fights with one another, fighting for the limited, but fertile soil in this area. They were living in stone houses and the area has kept its original building tradition.

Along the way small picturesque villages shows up. In one of them, Thalernes, you can buy local products such as delicious marmalade, wine and olive oil.

Make a stop in Stoupa and Kardamili, two of the most charming villages, and enjoy life among the locals. You can find an excellent choice of fish-taverns and very nice beaches here.

Reaching Kalamata let’s not forget to mention the rich selection of handicraft and specialities, that one shouldn’t miss: the known Kalamata olives, wine, figs, ”pasteli” made of nuts and honey and raisins. Kalamata offers also a delicious sausage with orange, which is served and enjoyed with ouzo or raki… The area of Mani is a joy for the eye and the taste!

Sparti - Kalamata ( Via the coastal road ) 130,00 km

Overnight in Kalamata ( 4th overnight ) Hotel Rex

Day 5 :
- Continues to Methoni - Pylos – Olympia, Drive through Messinia and experience the time of the crusades by visiting the Venetian castles of Koroni and Methoni. Methoni is one of the riches areas of wine production in the southern part of Peloponnese. According to the Greek poet Homer, Methoni has been given its name from he donkeys that were - and still are - used at the wine harvest… From Methoni you drive north the theatrically build fishing village of Pylos. Make a stop at the small harbour and enjoy cool refreshments. Then continue a bit further north and you will reach Olympia. The place where the Olympic Games were born and the athletes meet for the first time in 776. You can Visit the museum and the ancient stadiumo n your own or we can arrange a professional English speaking guide to meet you at the entrance. The Olympic Flame is still lid there every fourth year and spread out to the world. This place has an aura, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Kalamata - Olympia : 110,00 km

Overnight in Olympia ( 5th overnight ) Hotel Europa

Day 6 :
- After the breakfast depart for Delphi. Drive via Patras to Rion, cross the channel to Antirion on the "state of the art" new suspended bridge considered to be the longest and most modern in Europe. Pass by the city of NAFPAKTOS and from there on, along the coastal road to Delphi, known in ancient times as the navel of the world located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. In the afternoon visit the picturesque mountain village of Arachova then continue to Delphi.

On arrival in Delphi you can visit the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios with Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the Archaeological Museum containing such masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias, on your own or we can we can arrange a professional English speaking guide to meet you at the entrances.

Olympia - Delphi : 207,00km

Overnight in Delphi ( 6th overnight ) Hotel Olympic

Day 7 :  
- Depending on the time of your departure flight, enjoy your last minute shopping you can start your drive back to Athens and to the airport in order to leave the car at airport parking and board your flight back home. Otherwise you can have another overnight in Athens in order to depart early the next morning.

Delphi - Athens : 197,00 km



Crete Fly and Drive Tour 




Fly and drive itinerary throughout Crete

 Day 1 :

- Chania . Upon landing in Chania airport you will pick up your car and start to explore the city .
Chania is the second city of the island with about 55,000 inhabitants. It is considered one of the most beautiful city of Crete, thanks among others to its Venetian port and its lighthouse from the XVth century. See the covered market, the vicinity of the Splantzia behind the port and the Greek orthodox cathedral.
Accommodation in Chania in Hotel Arkadi

After breakfast you will start heading east towards Rethymno . The distance is 60km

Day 2 :

- Rethymno . The city of Rethymnon was built in the antiquity and keeps until today many traces of its historical past thanks to the Venetian and Turkish ruins that are still standing there. To discover : the old city that dates quite entirely from the Venetian time, the old port with its picturesque houses and its numerous taverns, the venetian loggia from the XVIIth century and the venetian fortress from the XVIth century.

Accommodation in Rethymno at Hotel Brascos

After breakfast you will continue your journey heading south to the Village of Aghia Galini . Distance is 82,00 km .

Day 3 :

- Aghia Galini :
Agia Galini, holiday pearl on the south coast of Crete, is a friendly harbour village that can easily be reached by car. Approximately one and a half hour from Heraklion and Chania you can find the real Cretan culture, lifestyle and cosiness. Enjoy your stay in different types of accommodation and taste the great variety of taverns, restaurants and bars.
You can take a swim, enjoy the blue flag beach, try water sports or go for a long and quiet walk in the mountains. Due to it's central position Agia Galini is also the perfect base to explore the wonderful south coast and the many nearby ancient Greek sites and villages.

Accommodation in Aghia Galini at Hotel Porto Galini

Day 4 :

- Plakias :
Plakias is located in southern Crete, about 30 minutes' drive or 35 km south of Rethymnon. The houses of Plakias hug a large crescent-shaped bay, with most buildings near the small harbour.
Plakias began to expand after 1970; before that, there were no more than 10 houses. Today there are many small hotels in Plakias, apartments and tavernas to meet the needs of the multitude of summer visitors.
You will find all you need in Plakias, as there are many shops and supermarkets, car rental agencies and tour agencies. However there is no bank, so make sure you have plenty of cash or your credit card with you.
The beach of Plakias extends east from the village. It is one of the biggest beaches in Crete, offering a sense of space and comfort to suit every taste - the east end is mainly used by naturists. There are showers all along the beach and many parking spaces.If it's windy during your stay in Plakias and the northern wind whips you with flying sand, head west to Souda beach. It is more sheltered, with small hotels and a few tavernas.There are other lovely beaches near Plakias at Damnoni, Amoudi and Mikro Amoudi, which is also a naturists' beach. A little further away are Lefkogia and Schinaria, the preferred beach of scuba divers. The beach of Preveli is also excellent.For those of you, who enjoy scubadiving, there is a diving centre at the Hotel Calypso near Plakias.If you're staying in Plakias, you'll soon get to hear about the date palm forest and the lake at Preveli. This is one of the most famous sights in Crete and an area of outstanding natural beauty.The date palms stand along the bank of the river which flows down through the Kourtaliotis gorge (you have to drive up the gorge to get to Plakias), creating an exotic scene.Wander along the paths in the palm forest, relax in the shade of the trees and have a dip in the river.At the spot where the river reaches the sea, there is a beach with umbrellas and a soft drinks canteen. The area is usually full of visitors who come here either by car or by small boat from Plakias and Agia Galini.If you come by car you can also visit the nearby Moni Preveli (Preveli Monastery), but then you have to walk down a lot of steps to reach the beach and you'll be pretty puffed going back up.In August 2010 the Preveli palm forest was burned by wildfires, but it managed to recover in a very short period. We all hope that a similar tragedy won't repeat in the future.

Accommodation in Plakias at Hotel Plakias Bay

Day 5 :

- Ierapetra
Ierapetra is known as the most southern city of Europe facing the Lybian Sea. The city is made of two distinct parts, the old city located on the hills, its medevial and narrow streets with a very rustic atmosphere where one can find the mosque and the “house of Napoleon” and the new city, modern and very lively.Chrissi is an uninhabitated island quite accessible for one day excursions departing from Ierapetra. The island is well-known for its white sandy beaches and its virgin nature.

Accommodation in Ierapetra at hotel Astron

Day 6 :

- Sitia
Sitia is a picturesque town, built in an amphitheatre shape beside the sea in the Gulf of Sitia.Our town is situated on the north-eastern edge of Crete. It has a population of 9000 inhabitants and it is economically and administratively the centre of its own Province. Sitia includes an airport, and a shipping port with connections to Piraeus and the islands of the South-East Agean. Sitia is well known for its clean beaches with rich sand, many awarded the distinction of Blue Flag status. The people of our town are welcoming to visitors and are always ready to celebrate in true Cretan style. Sitia is famous also for its excellent wine.

You will pass by Ag. Nikolaos being a very animated city in the summer and in the fall. In the centre there is a very charming small lake, surrounded by taverns, bars and shops.
Elounda is located 12 km north of Ag. Nikolaos, in the bay that has the same name. The hinterland offers to the travellers a remarquable sight on the Gulf of Mirabello. In the high seas, you can see the island of Spinalonga and its fortress particularly well preserved.

Accommodation in Sitia at hotel Flisvos

Day 7 :

- Heraklion . Heraklion is the capital of Crete. Occupied by the Byzantin Empire, the Arabs, the Venetians and the Ottoman empire, it offers to the visitors much diversified architecture representative of the city’s history. See the old port and the Venetian arsenal, the market and the archaeological museum with the most important collection of Minoan items. Knossos is located a few kilometers away from Heraklion and includes the palace of King Minos, the most important of the Minoan palaces, discovered in 1878 by the archaeologist Arthur Evans. The splendor of the very well preserved site makes an excursion there essential for all travellers visiting Heraklion.

Accommodation in Heraklion at Hotel Castello City

Day 8 :
- Heraklion – departure Return of the vehicle at the Heraklion airport. Departure flight or stay in a hotel in Heraklion or surroundings.


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